Born in Canada, moved to England, back to Canada then off to California, then he decided to go hang out in Japan for about a year. After living as that country's tallest man he came back to California and started a family. After taking a comedy stage in 1990 he knew he was hooked.

More Info About Jim

Jim has been written up in the Los Angeles Times and even the National Law Journal

He has penned many a joke for certain celebrities who have really nasty lawyers with even nastier confidentiality clauses. But they were really funny jokes. I mean they had to be otherwise those celebs would have no problem with him claiming credit whatsoever.

Jim has performed at over one hundred corporate and charity events ranging from company holiday parties and corporate picnics, to large fundraisers and concerts

He previously aired a comedy talk radio program in Los Angeles and interviewed such notable comedians as Jeff Foxworthy, Bobby Slayton, Kathleen Madigan, Wayne Kotter, Mark Pitta, Rich Hall, Jeff Jena, John Mendoza, Bruce Baum, Vic Dunlop and Weird Al Yankovik.

Most recently Jim performed with Jim Breuer and opened for Judy Tenuta.

Even More Info About Jim

His personal non comedy background includes electronic design and engineering, automation, software design, animation, film making and screenwriting. His business ventures have been written up in the OC Register, OC Business Journal, National Law Journal, Wired Magazine, Computer Shopper, Windows Magazine, Family PC, Animation Magazine, Christian Computing, PC Magazine and countless other newspapers and foreign magazines.

His products have also been featured on NBC and Fox Television.

This business experience has been invaluable in allowing Jim to more easily relate to corporate audiences.

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